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A few words from my lovely clients, providing an insight into the Bethany Lucas Pilates experience…

“I have been attending Bethany's Pilates class for over a year, and believe that I have improved both my posture and inner core strength in that time. The classes continue to satisfy. Bethany makes a point of varying the exercises each week, and still manages to push you towards your physical limits by tailoring the demands of each exercise to your individual ability. Having suffered from back problems in the past, I have found Bethany's Pilates classes to be a huge help. Bethany is a great teacher and I would thoroughly recommend her classes to other dads!” Three word summary: Relaxing, energising & focused. Peter Fordham“I have been going to different Pilates classes for a few years. The Bethany Lucas Pilates course is the best Pilates class I have ever experienced. Bethany is very professional and focused, she clearly monitors everyone’s capabilities and adjusts the levels of exercises to ensure all attendees get the most benefit. I have definitely resolved my back pain issue since attending regularly and have been seeing improvements in my posture and the firmness of my abs! Bethany’s style is very light and fun so the classes are also very enjoyable.” Three word summary: lovely, focused, beneficial, helpful, friendly, relaxed & professional! Dorota Tsatsaris“I have been practising Pilates for a while, but last year I switched to Bethany's class. She is extremely encouraging and passionate about what she does. She takes time explaining which muscles are being targeted, where you should feel it, where you shouldn't feel it and the specific benefits of the exercise. She's hands-on, gently correcting posture and alignment so you get the most of the exercise. Every week we have new and fun exercises to try and at the end of each class is 'relaxation' which focuses on stretching and breathing techniques, leaving you feeling completely de-stressed and revived. I would strongly recommend Bethany to anyone wanting an instructor who is patient, knowledgeable, understanding and most of all fun!” Three word summary: Informative, focused & lovely. Sue Sands“I have taken Pilates lessons with Bethany for almost one year. In that time my overall fitness and flexibility levels have improved dramatically. One of the reasons why Bethany is such a fantastic teacher is her ability to personalise on the basis of your needs. By tailoring her techniques to match yours, as opposed to forcing uncomfortable methods, makes the learning so much more manageable. Bethany is evidently passionate about Pilates, sociable, a great listener and always makes each of our sessions a very rewarding experience. I am still very pleased to be working with Bethany and I have no doubt that she is the best person to help me reach my personal goals.” Three word summary: Challenging, enjoyable & enhancing. Michael Murphy MBE“I started Pilates about 9 months ago following a decision on my part to gain strength and improve my breathing technique. I was looking for an instructor that could offer one to one sessions in my home, as I was unable to attend classes due to health issues and also a lack of confidence. In those 9 months not only have I increased strength, fitness levels and can now apply better breathing techniques, I have found a type of exercise that I thoroughly enjoy. I now attend a group class that Bethany runs, in addition to the one to one sessions, to continue the great work. Bethany’s planning of the sessions have ensured I always achieve the maximum benefit out of each session and her encouragement throughout has meant I have reached levels that I thought were unachievable.” Three word summary: Focused, professional & relaxing. Tracey Harvey“What comes across most in Bethany's classes is her absolute passion for Pilates, combined with an in-depth knowledge and a lovely easy teaching style. Bethany focuses on and notices each person in the class and no one is left doing an exercise incorrectly, the seemingly minor adjustments in position that Bethany makes, make an enormous difference to the exercise's effectiveness. My posture and flexibility have improved dramatically and the lovely relaxation segment at the end of each class means that I sleep much better too.” Three word summary: Triona Dewar“All the classes are relaxed and friendly and suitable for everyone, regardless of ability and fitness. Exercises all have several variations so that you can challenge yourself at a level that suits you. Bethany is great at tailoring specific moves to help with any niggles or injuries that you may have so that you can still get the most out of the class. The relaxation exercises at the end of each session are a great end to the day. I was advised by my physiotherapist to try Pilates for knee issues resulting from poor alignment and it has worked brilliantly - I can now get up and down stairs without worrying whether my knee will give way. An extra bonus has been an all round improvement in posture and balance.” Three word summary: Focussed, friendly & varied Melanie"I really enjoyed Bethany's Pilates classes throughout my pregnancy. She had planned adaptations for each exercise so that I could safely take part in the whole class. Bethany also brought along additional mats and a Pilates ball so that I would be comfortable. I noticed a real improvement in my posture and lower back strength. I would highly recommend her classes to others."   Fran Erwes

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